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WHY Video?


Why invest in wedding videography?

Your wedding day only happens once. The words spoken and emotions felt can be captured and remembered forever through video. Being able to watch and hear your vows all over again provokes those same emotions that you experienced at the altar. You’re able to listen again to the toasts that your friends and family gave.

“When I proposed to Claire, I told her all of the reasons that I loved her and why I thought she was so perfect. The entire day leading up to the proposal I had been trying to figure out the wording in my head so that it came out as smooth and as charming as possible. While I’m sure it did, neither of us can remember what I said! Having a video of our proposal would allow us to recall that amazing moment in our lives.” - Camden

A wedding film allows you to relive the best day of your life, experiencing those wonderful feelings of joy, excitement, and passion all over again.


Why Sea Jay Films? 


Most of our couples value their wedding film because of these things…

Authentic Storytelling: Arguably the most important aspect of a wedding is the connection of love between the bride and groom. Our couples value their films because the focus is put on them and their love story.

Beautiful Cinematography: Many couples describe our films like “watching a beautiful movie of someone’s perfect day.” We like to use the term cinematic. Years of creative experience allow us to get shots that draw the eye and captivate the audience.

High Quality Audio: In order to tell the bride and groom’s love story, we need to capture audio from the vows, letters, toasts, etc. We use some of the best equipment to obtain crisp and clear audio.

Individuality: Although the structure of most wedding days is very similar, we craft our films in such a way that each film achieves a uniqueness of its own.

Intimacy: Many of our couples comment on the fact that our films feel so intimate and personal, despite these weddings having up to 350 guests sometimes! We strive to create films that are warm, inviting, and draw the viewer in.

Music: Music plays a huge role in both of our lives, so we pride ourselves on the way we use music in our films. We spend hours upon hours searching for the perfect piece that beautifully suits our couples and their wedding day.

Timelessness: Video is the #1 media form, and it is quickly growing. Our couples love our films so much that they actually watch them more than they look at their wedding photos! Friends and family prefer to watch a wedding film as well.

Do You Value These Things?

Prices start at $3,250

As the 2019 and 2020 season approaches, Sea Jay Films is seeking free-spirited, passionate couples who are looking to get much more out of their wedding film. Couples that aren't afraid to laugh, cry, and have fun together.

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